What is a writer? Lately, we answer that question by saying that a writer is someone who writes. And I have always written, but it has seldom been part of my job description.


What is an author? An author is someone who writes professionally. They have published works, which may be articles or books or short stories. Some authors are playwrights, some are poets, and some are biographers or writers of self-help titles. But when we simply say “Author”, it is the novelist who comes first to mind.

To be clear, I have written in many spheres. I have non-fiction articles and blogs and papers published in several fields. I’ve written technical documents professionally. I was once hired to write programming documentation for IBM. I’ve even been an editor. But only recently have I decided that I will publish stories. And I will finally accept the title of author.


Fiction being what it is, I’ve decided that my stories might conflict with the message of my non-fiction. So I will carry the story one step further by being a story myself. The cover of my fiction will carry a fictional name.

When you read a memoir of the times in my younger years, beware that the perspective is unchecked. It is necessarily a child’s perspective. There is no one left to correct my childish misconceptions ahead of publication. But you are welcome to offer first hand detail if you know it.


Finding Myself When I Wasn’t Even Looking

A native of Old Saybrook, I’ve traveled and lived at great distances from my Shoreline home. Returning to my former haunts, I revert to a view of myself as a photojournalist & novelist, as I once did, more than as the technical writer that I became.