Lori & Lisa

If you are my age, born in the early sixties in the northeast US, did you know more than one family with a pair of daughters named Lori and Lisa? Were they always in that order, with Lori first? Is there a cultural reference for it? Some book or movie or TV show with that name combination? I understand Lisa was the most popular girl’s name of the 1960s, but how would that account for an older sister being named Lori so often?

Introduction to Shoreline Child

grew up on the Shoreline of Connecticut. My mother and father grew up here, too. Pop is from Branford and my mother from Old Saybrook, and the first twenty years of my life I spent traveling and living between those two towns.

Dust Ball

We had the windows open on a warm evening. It was probably 1968 and I don’t recall anyone in Old Saybrook having anything more than a box fan, or possibly a window air conditioning unit…


What is a memoir? First, what it is not. It is not a biography, not the story of a life. It is a memory of a time or a place or an experience. In my…

November Love

November is a love of mineI lay upon her lap and restShe strokes my hair with leaf-bare limbsTo let me know I’m heaven blessed She does not hide her cornfield’s stubbleNor the patterns in her…