The Idiot and the A**hole

So there were lawyers and sheriffs. There were arguments and waiting. I learned about thunderheads. Then there was a compromise. We gave him birthday gifts in the driveway. And we took him to Sea World. I got a killer whale made of wax from a vending machine.


With my step-father serving as a patrolman and volunteering on the fire department, and with all of my wanderings on Main Street, Cumberland Farms was a frequent stop for the family in 1979.

Copper Beech

Pin the Tail on the Maitre’d When I lived in the Beach Park neighborhood of Clinton, my mother went to bar tending school and later got a job at Chello Oyster House in Guilford. She…

Playpens and Proms

And What is Missing in Life My mother met Pam in junior high. By high school, they were good friends. Her senior year, my mom went to Norwich Free Academy because she wanted to pursue…

The House at 355 Main

A Memoir of Three Tenants My grandparents lived at 351 Main Street, where they ran their insurance business from the mid-1950s until about 1967 when my grandfather passed away. I began living there at the…