Who do you remember first in your earliest memories? I must be terribly self-centered, because my earliest memories are of myself. I thought I was receiving stolen goods. Someone was handing me a cookie to hand to someone else.

My Mother’s Desk

When my mother was in junior high, her father built a desk for her. It was simple, with a wide, shallow center drawer and three deep drawers down the left side. It was very typical for the time.

Auntie Bea

Talcum Powder and Moth Balls My mother’s aunt Beatrice was ten years older than my mother’s mother. Beatrice had grown up in the age of the Flappers and had lived the sheltered life of a…

Second Generation Influencers

Neighbors My Mother Knew Well and I Just a Little My mother moved to Old Saybrook from Maine when she was eleven. That was 1954, and she was in the sixth grade. Her parents first…

Town Beach

The Boy Who Was a Fish My grandparents lived at 351 Main Street on the one curve. It seemed close to town and far from the water. But any map will tell you we were…