November Love

November is a love of mine
I lay upon her lap and rest
She strokes my hair with leaf-bare limbs
To let me know I’m heaven blessed

She does not hide her cornfield’s stubble
Nor the patterns in her sunset skies
She brings our hearts and homes together
For thankful days and pumpkin pies

Sometimes I feel the old stone walls
The crackling leaves beneath my feet
Remembering camps and fires in them
All now trod under strangers’ feet

I would walk the road between us
To close the gap that breaks my heart
Yet now I see, my love, November
Has given us two years head start!


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  1. I wanted the first thing I published here to be a bit of poetry because the first thing I ever had published was a poem. I was in about seventh grade and they tasked us with reciting a poem from memory in an assembly in front of the whole school. Most of the students just picked a short poem, but I had written a poem I wanted to share. It went over well, and the editor published it in the school paper.

    If I can find the poem again, I will share it. In the meantime, there’s this, which I wrote, oddly enough, this past November.

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