Home on Leave

She spread herself across my lap, put her hand behind my neck, and looked directly in my eyes as she spoke. She kissed me and told me about her plans and about how I scared her. I was too intense, too serious.

The Idiot and the A**hole

So there were lawyers and sheriffs. There were arguments and waiting. I learned about thunderheads. Then there was a compromise. We gave him birthday gifts in the driveway. And we took him to Sea World. I got a killer whale made of wax from a vending machine.


Who do you remember first in your earliest memories? I must be terribly self-centered, because my earliest memories are of myself. I thought I was receiving stolen goods. Someone was handing me a cookie to hand to someone else.


One car I walked past on Main Street was an old Buick Gran Sport. It had been an exceptional car in its day. It was a red convertible with a black top and interior. It was the GS400 model, which had a 400 cubic inch (6.6L) Buick motor with 340 BHP. It was no racer, but it was different enough to pique my interest. And it sat in the sand parking lot next to the NAPA store. A prime location for eyeballing as I walked home from the bus stop.


With my step-father serving as a patrolman and volunteering on the fire department, and with all of my wanderings on Main Street, Cumberland Farms was a frequent stop for the family in 1979.